Shameless Shopping During a Pandemic

Shameless Shopping During a Pandemic

Soooo... I know I am not the only one effortlessly throwing items in my shopping cart while simultaneously asking myself whether or not I should be doing this during a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC!! 

If you decide to let that ish ride 'cause "you haven't had to pay daycare in two monthS and these kids make you want to treat yourself NO CAP", here are some tips to make sure you are keeping you and your family safe. 

Keep in mind, I am not a medical professional, nor am I certified to provide health advice concerning COVID-19. You should do your own research to ensure all necessary precautions are being followed. Visit the CDC website or World Health Organization for coronavirus information. 

That said, here is what I feel can be done: 

Review the companies COVID-19 Statements: Most companies have taken the time to address their customers regarding measures they have taken in lieu of COVID-19. Understanding the what the company is doing to ensure safe and responsible handling of products and their employees could give you peace of mind when looking to purchase from their store. 

Wear gloves when handling the product: From the doorstep, wear protective gloves up until you are pulling the items from their packages(you will want to remove the gloves after opening to not contaminate the products inside.

Wipe down or wash your products: Before bringing your items into the house, wipe the packaging down with anti-bacterial wipes. Carefully remove items from the packaging and discard of the packing or store in safe place in the case you need to return items.  Depending on the item, you could take the extra step and wipe down the product itself. Be careful as some products are not made to withstand those chemicals. 

And of course WASH YOUR HANDS after handling products and packaging: Not much more should be said after that... just do it. :-) ...and don't forget the 20-second rule!

If you are able to treat yourself, I say "stay safe but GO FOR IT"! ....sometimes your sanity depends on it! 


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