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Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce - Tribe + Soul
Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce - Tribe + Soul
Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce - Tribe + Soul
Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce - Tribe + Soul
Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce - Tribe + Soul
Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce - Tribe + Soul
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Galaxy Lion Head Beaded Neckalce

This large statement piece is built with quality in mind. Comprising of natural Labradorite stone beads and lava rock, you are taking a bit of nature with you everywhere you go. This piece is not for the subtle, but the ones who stand tall and walk bold in their truth. 

This necklace has a nice weight to it and is made with only durable material. The Labradorite stones are known to help stimulate your mental, allowing you to see your life and purpose more clearly.

I guarantee AMAZING quality and they are made by hand each and every time. I have been making these necklaces and bracelets for 10 YEARS outside of Etsy and have a regular customer base that can attest to the quality. I even OFFER A 60 DAY QUALITY GUARANTEE on the pieces so you have nothing to lose.


Stainless Steel

Labradorite: This stone helps stimulate mental acuity, regulates metabolism and balances hormones. Labradorite treats colds, gout, and rheumatism, lowers blood pressure, and aids in digestion.

Lava Rock: Lava rock is a grounding stone that provides strength and courage

- Handmade to order
- Men’s Bead Necklace
- Length 32 inches
- Lion Head pendant (stainless steal) 2.5in tall
- 12mm Beaded Necklace
- Includes: arctic jasper, hematite and greywood beads
- Macrame adjustable closure


Keep in mind measurements are according to body size/type. A 24 inch necklace will not fit the same on every person. Below are instructions on how to find the right fit for you!

Measurement Instructions:

In order to choose the correct necklace length for you, measure (with a tape measure or string) from the mid-point on the back of your neck down to where you want the pendant to drop. Take that number and multiply by two to get the desired necklace length. For instance, if you measure one side and get 13.5 inches, you will likely want to order a 28 inch necklace as the back of the necklace is adjustable to add length(approx. 1.5 inches). I hope this helps!

Although RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED, please message me if you have any issues with your items as I do guarantee quality!

**Please message me for special design requests.

CUSTOM DESIGN REQUESTS WELCOMED: Custom orders start at $100 and up, depending on the material needed and necklace length. Go to my shop home page and click “Request a Custom Order” button to begin the conversation.