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Tribe+ Soul Owner
For many years, I've felt it was important to support Black Owned Businesses. It has been a part of my drive to make a difference in our community, even if only one purchase at a time. This generation has been charged with a great purpose and that is to take back ownership of our Legacy and build a better tomorrow for the next generation. My belief if that will come through economic empowerment. I consider TRIBE + SOUL a building block towards that better tomorrow! In my quest to find Black Owned products, I was forced to recognize the void in the marketplace for Brands that produced products that catered to my needs and style. This realization threw me into 'research mode' with hopes to identify the key to changing the landscape for Black Brand representation. In that research, I discovered that Black-Owned businesses were in need of a reputable and unapologetically, culture-forward e-commerce marketplace/distribution channels that would showcase, their innovative products on a major scale. There are very few retail channels that provide platform for small Black-Owned Brands resulting in limited opportunity for true growth. The success of a Black-Owned retail channel would result in MORE JOBS and ACCESS TO RESOURCES within the Black community.
With ten years of experience and formal education in Business/ Marketing, I thought "If not me, then who better take matters into their own hands?". So, in the middle of a Pandemic, I created TRIBE + SOUL! Join me in helping make #ShopBlackOwned more than a hashtag! Let's make it a habit!